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Recalbox 18.04.20

Hey everyone! We’ve been keeping on working on Recalbox lately to bring some new features, with again many changes to EmulationStation. You’ll notice we’ve been working on a better internationalization of Recalbox by updating translations done by many volunteers. If you ever want to help join here for emulationStation or here for the webmanager. We’ve also spend quite some time on better sound configuration. This involves dynamic volume change but even better: dynamic sound card output! ... [ read more ]

Recalbox 18.03.30

Howdy fellow recalboxers! This version brings no new feature, but only some bugfixes of 18.03.16. Here is the list: Moonlight: fix bad SDL2 GUID generation. Thanks to the Moonlight author who solved this bug very fast! Odroid-xu4: remove screeching noise at fan startup. The voltage is too low for new generation fans. This prevented the fan from starting properly. It was whistling with an annoying sound until the temperature would be high enough to reach a higher voltage step. ... [ read more ]

EmulationStation Theming

Hello everyone! Now that we have a reliable and up to date system, let’s bring in some nice cosmetic enhancements! The Recalbox team is proud to introduce to you an updated EmulationStation frontend! This new version introduces several theming improvements: The System Carousel is now fully themeable! You can finally theme or remove the white boxes behind logos and… You can have a vertical Carousel and place it wherever you want! ... [ read more ]

Recalbox 18.03.16

Hi there fellow retrogamers! I hope that all of you enjoyed our previous release and had fun playing some Amiga games again on your Pi! Recalbox spring is coming a bit early this year with a few features you don’t want to miss! Here we go for the changelog: ES: new carousel mode and new theming options! Check UI Settings > Theme configuration with recalbox-next theme ES: no more white screen of death when VRAM is filled! ... [ read more ]


Hello everyone ! After a long test campaign, Amiga emulation is finally integrated into Recalbox ! Here are the details about the functionnality: The emulator used is Amiberry version 2.1. 2 systems are supported for now: Amiga 500⁄600 (both in the a600 system) and Amiga 1200. Amiga CD32 needs a few evolutions on Amiberry’s side (future version 2.5) and will be integrated later. Supported formats are disks (.adf, automatic loading of multiple disks) and hard drive (WHDL). ... [ read more ]

Recalbox 18.02.09

Hey guyz ! It’s been a little while since the last release ! Time to enjoy holidays, get some rest and still work on some new features ! So, what to expect from this 18.02.09 ? Here is a list of major changes: Added new out of the box supported pads : ouya, micreal arcade dual and ipega9055 A new refreshing splash video (thank you @ian57) x86 (32 and 64 bits) gets DS emulation with libretro cores desmume and melonds Mame2010 core is available for all boards but rpi0/1 You can mount NAS shares with Wifi at boot now. ... [ read more ]


Hi pals, Today a new emulated system is available on Recalbox : ResidualVM ! It is a sister project of ScummVM, that allows you to play to games using GrimE game engine. Three games are compatibles with this emulator: Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island and Myst III - Exile. This new emulator has been added by lmerckx as a second ScummVM core. The switch between ScummVM and ResidualVM is automatic. ... [ read more ]

Panasonic 3DO

Hi friends! We are happy to present you a new often unrecognized console and yet with outstanding performances at its release: the Panasonic 3DO! Unfortunately, this new system will only be available for Odroid XU4 and PC X86 / X86_64 versions of Recalbox. Indeed, on Raspberry PI, even the 3, we don’t get a satisfactory emulation and that even using the lowest settings + the activation of a frameskip. As a result, we have decided not to activate this system in other versions of Recalbox. ... [ read more ]

SHARP X68000

Hi dudes, It is time to welcome a new emulated system on Recalbox : the SHARP X68000 ! So, to emulate this system we are using the libretro px68k core based on the px68k emulator by Hissorii. For your information, this core needs to add some new bios. Here are the files to add in your Recalbox : 7fd4caabac1d9169e289f0f7bbf71d8e - keropi/iplrom.dat cb0a5cfcf7247a7eab74bb2716260269 - keropi/cgrom.dat These files must be placed in a subfolder named “keropi”. ... [ read more ]

Nintendo DS on X86

Hi pals, It is time to welcome a new emulated system on X86/X86_64 Recalbox version: the Nintendo DS ! So, we have added 2 new libretro cores to do this job. The libretro desmume core and the libretro melonDS core based on a new Nintendo DS emulator. To emulate this new system you must have a good hardware. We have configured desmume core to work on most current setups, but if you don’t have a fullspeed emulation, you can try to “downgrade” settings in retroarch menu (downgrade internal resolution, add a frameskip, etc…). ... [ read more ]