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4.1 is OUT !!!

At last … After more than a year of development, several public unstable releases starting from February with quite much feedback from all of you, dear community, and many other changes that you wouldn’t see (new blog, new infrastructure, new way of developing/building/releasing, and much more …) We are really glad to release this 4.1 version of Recalbox ! Here are some of the main features of this new version: ... [ read more ]

Recalbox Web Manager 2.0 is out!

Hi, today let us present you an awesome work done by a community member. I don’t know if everyone know that, but the current recalbox release already integrates a web-interface, that allows you to manage, configure your recalbox. But, some months ago, DjLeChuck, finding that the current manager was not complete enough decided to develop a new one. This new web-interface gives you more options, the abilities to manage your game’s information, your screenshots, EmulationStation’s activity and more ! ... [ read more ]

Hide your games.

Hi, today let’s see an other improvement about a feature introduced in 4.0.0 release: the ability to hide files in EmulationStation. “Hidden files” is a cool feature that allows you hide specifics files, as bios etc… But for the moment, once the game hidden, you have no ways to display it in EmulationStation. Your have to manually edit your gamelist.xml file, to unhide the file. So, we decided to add an option to display these hidden files. ... [ read more ]

New Favicons!

Hi, today let’s see a small but cool improvement about the favorites system. Favorites system is a very good feature introduced in 4.0.0 release. But, when you have many games tagged as favorites, or many games with the same name in different game systems, the global favorites system can become messy. So, we decided to replace the standard icon with specific icon for each systems. You can see here examples with the GBA system and the final result in Favorites System: ... [ read more ]

ScreenScraper support on recalbox!

The new recalbox release introduce a new embed scraper, base on screenscraper database.

This scraper allows you to automatically scrape in your native language (EN, FR, DE, ES, PT) when informations are available in the database.

It allows you too, to switch between normal or composed visuals:


Here is a short demo video:

New frontend Help Popups!

Hi, today let’s intro introduce you a new feature from 4.1 release. When you are discovering and configuring your favorite gaming OS, it is not always possible to check our online manual to informations about each option. So, we have decided to add the possibility to display on screen, help pop-up, available on Y button of your gamepad. The pop-up are looking like this : Here is a short demo video: ... [ read more ]

Customize the boot behavior of your recalbox!

The new release of recalbox brings to you a new level a customization. Today we are going to see how you can decide exactly what happens when you boot the recalbox! By going in the ADVANCED SETTINGS, you will see a BOOT SETTINGS entry : In this menu you can set option to modify the boot behavior : Let's see what it means: KODI AT START : boot on kodi, and access emulationstation only when quitting kodi. ... [ read more ]

The PSP is now supported on recalbox!

We waited too long for that, but here it is : the Playstation Portable is now a part of recalbox! We integrated the ppsspp emulator in recalbox 4.1.0. You can now play Playstation Portable games on you HDMI screen! Some games may run faster than other on Raspberry Pi 3. The emulator is full speed on Odroid and X86. The emulator is a standalone one, so the commands are not exactly the same as in other emulators, and you have access to the emulator menu when pressing HOTKEY, and you will have to go to the exit menu to go back on recalbox: ... [ read more ]

RecalboxOS v4.0.2 is out!

A new update of recalbox is online!

The recalbox 4.0.2 update fixes black screens issue with some systems. This issue was due to the new raspberry pi firmware embedded with recalbox 4.0.1 that add rpi2 v1.2 support.

You can now score again on Blade Buster!

Update as soon as possible from the SYSTEM menu of your recalbox.
We will be back soon :)

On Screen Keyboard (OSK)

The new recalbox version will be more friendly than ever with you.

Who has never had the annoying case of looking for an USB keyboard to input WIFI settings, a game information in metadatas, etc... ?

Today, with this new release, this time is over.

You'll be able to use your gamepad and the new On Screen Keyboard (OSK) in EmulationStation.


Here is a short demo video: