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RecalboxOS v4.0.2 is out!

A new update of recalbox is online!

The recalbox 4.0.2 update fixes black screens issue with some systems. This issue was due to the new raspberry pi firmware embedded with recalbox 4.0.1 that add rpi2 v1.2 support.

You can now score again on Blade Buster!

Update as soon as possible from the SYSTEM menu of your recalbox.
We will be back soon :)

On Screen Keyboard (OSK)

The new recalbox version will be more friendly than ever with you.

Who has never had the annoying case of looking for an USB keyboard to input WIFI settings, a game information in metadatas, etc... ?

Today, with this new release, this time is over.

You'll be able to use your gamepad and the new On Screen Keyboard (OSK) in EmulationStation.


Here is a short demo video:

We are proud to announce the release of recalbox v4.1.0 unstable!

We are proud to annouce the release of recalboxOS 4.1.0 unstable! Get the last features of recalbox right now by installing the 4.1.0 unstable update directly from your recalbox! Be sure to be in 4.0.1 version, and set the update.type to unstable in your recalbox.conf settings. Then, open the System Menu and just proceed to an upgrade. We will regulary publish blog posts about the new features you can find in this version! ... [ read more ]

You broke our download server !! :D

Hello guys, so as you can see, our update servers are actually overloaded. You are too many users updating their recalbox, so servers have too many connextions in same time. We were not prepared to this. We didn't have this kind of problem with previous releases. So, we scaled the servers and added mirrors. Once cache filled on these mirrors, the sirtuation should come back to normal. Thank you to be patient and for your understanding. ... [ read more ]

Recalbox 4.0.1 released!

We are proud to annouce the release of recalboxOS 4.0.1!

This new version brings the support of Raspberry Pi 2 v1.2 and prepare your recalbox for the new 4.1.0 unstable release coming really soon!

Update your recalbox as soon as possible, and we promise to be back in no time for the next news :)

Want some news about the project ?

It’s been a while since our last update on the progress of the project. Be sure we don't forget you :) The team has been working for weeks on something not really sexy and time consuming, but essential for the future of the project: we reviewed our whole development process. This is not very exciting, but here is what you can expect from now:the updates will be more frequentthe updates will be lighter (i. ... [ read more ]