Want some news about the project ?

It’s been a while since our last update on the progress of the project. Be sure we don't forget you :)
The team has been working for weeks on something not really sexy and time consuming, but essential for the future of the project: we reviewed our whole development process.

This is not very exciting, but here is what you can expect from now:
  • the updates will be more frequent
  • the updates will be lighter (i.e. less new features at once)
  • we will be more reactive to issues and will fix bugs quickly
  • we will only have two version: unstable and stable
You won’t have to wait for months to get a new version with new features, the gap between development and releases will be much smaller.
To prepare your recalbox to this new process, a 4.0.1 version will be released in some days. Please update when your recalbox warns you about a new version :D

And right after that, we will activate the unstable update of your recalbox so you can update to recalbox 4.1.0. It comes with rpi3 bluetooth support, new systems, and many other exciting features!
We are counting on you to report issues on our issue board or on the forum :)

Once again, we sincerely wish to thank you for all the enthusiasm and loyalty you show towards our project.

See you soon !

Hum and yeah, we have a blog back :)

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