Recalbox Web Manager 2.0 is out!

Hi, today let us present you an awesome work done by a community member.

I don’t know if everyone know that, but the current recalbox release already integrates a web-interface, that allows you to manage, configure your recalbox.

But, some months ago, DjLeChuck, finding that the current manager was not complete enough decided to develop a new one.

This new web-interface gives you more options, the abilities to manage your game’s information, your screenshots, EmulationStation’s activity and more !
DjLeChuck did an amazing work, and we are proud to introduce it to you with this 4.1.0 release.

If you want help the development of this new tool, you can report issue on the github repository or help on the translation.


You can still use the first version of the manager by settings in recalbox.conf :

## Recalbox Manager (http manager)
## 1 or 2, depending on the manager version you wish

Here is a short demo video :

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