After the 4.1?

Recalbox 4.1 is publicly available since Friday October 13th, 20:00 CEST.

When I’m writing these lines, you already downloaded more than 17,000 images for fresh installations, and updated 10000+ recalboxes!

Thanks for sharing this moment with us, you’re the greatest community we could dream of!

Moving from Github to Gitlab

There are many changes in Recalbox 4.1, and many of them are not included in the OS, but are related to our tools.

We decided to move from Github to Gitlab because we found Gitlab more integrated and convenient. We needed some features of Gitlab, for example gitlab-ci, which is the perfect tool to build automatically.

Now you can access recalboxOS sources on

Find all other recalbox projects into the recalbox group at


You like danger and you see yourself as an early adopter?

We want testers!

Recalbox needs a real testing team to review experimental features. It’s a great power… and great responsibility. But everybody can participate and give us feedback.

With the new deployment tools, the tester will have to change one line in the recalbox.conf, and update his/her recalbox as it would have been with a standard update.

Release often

We are all tired to wait one year between each release.

We have changed all the process and tools to release every features one by one, in a continuous flow of improvement. It has been a long road to make it possible without degrading your recalbox experience. But now, it’s here and we hope it will enhance your pleasure.


In the case (that will never happen) of an issue with an update, we would not want to brick every recalbox on earth.

We deployed a Canary Release management system. As soon as a new release is done, only a small percentage of recalboxes will be upgraded, to let us check that everything is OK. Then, we unleash the beast.


As your recalbox will update really often from now, we are creating a new way to download and boot the recalboxOS. That way we can reduce the updating time from 50% to 80%.

Yes 80%! In fact, the update process will be reduced to the download of the update file. No more copy on the root partition on reboot etc.

And it’s only the beginning. Recalbox 4.1 is a major step in the project, so continue to follow us… if you don’t spend all your time playing some old classic video games :)

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