Emulators Update

Dear fellow Recalboxers !

With this new release, it is time to bump/update emulators included in Recalbox !

Let’s get in the depths of the majors bugfixs / new features :

  • RetroArch :

    • Updated on 1.6.9 version, that includes many fixes and improvements. If you want more informations, go on libretro release post.
  • ScummVM :

    • Updated on 1.10.0 “WIP” release. This version now work on all Recalbox boards, including Odroid XU4. It fixes many issues as the jerky/laggy analog joystick mouse control problem. For more information here is the 1.10.0 ScummVM changelog.
  • DosBox :

    • Updated on 0.74 r4063. Thanks lmerckx
  • Libretro cores :

    • libretro-81
    • libretro-beetle-lynx
    • libretro-beetle-ngp
    • libretro-beetle-pce: added MAME CHD image support
    • libretro-beetle-supergrafx: added support for RetroAchievements, turbo on/off for 2-button controller mode, MAME CHD image support
    • libretro-beetle-vb
    • libretro-beetle-wswan: fixed a screen rotation issue
    • libretro-bluemsx: added CAS and M3U files support
    • libretro-cap32
    • libretro-catsfc: fixed sound issues, CPU emulation, lagfix, BSX fixes and SuperFX fixes & improvements
    • libretro-fba: bumped on last v0.2.97.42. New DAT files are availables here
    • libretro-fceumm: many fixes and updates for the mapper code
    • libretro-fmsx: added support for .dsk/.cas files and nospritelimit & crop overscan core options, fixed some multidisk issues
    • libretro-fuse
    • libretro-gambatte: fixed color palette bugs
    • libretro-genesisplusgx: added a cycle-accurate sound core, support for overclocking and the ability to remove per-line sprite limits, fixed CD hardware buffer initialization when using dynamic memory allocation
    • libretro-glupen64: added high resolution support
    • libretro-gpsp
    • libretro-gw: fixed some issues with high scores not updating properly
    • libretro-hatari
    • libretro-imame: many fixes and improvements
    • libretro-lutro: many fixes and improvements
    • libretro-mame2003: fixed DCS sound issues fixed (Mortal Kombat 1/2/3/Ultimate, NBA Jam, Total Carnage, etc. other games.), enhanced games compatibility, backported C-based MIPS3 support (Killer Instinct and Killer Instinct 2 working on X86/X86_64 only)
    • libretro-meteor
    • libretro-mgba: bumped to upstream 0.6.1 release, many improvements
    • libretro-nestopia: added support for 2x overclocking
    • libretro-nxengine: bumped to v1.0.0.6
    • libretro-o2em
    • libretro-pcsx: fixed some polygon issues, added an enable/disable dithering core option
    • plibretro-picodrive: many accuracy improvements, added 68k overclocking
    • libretro-pocketsnes
    • libretro-prboom: many fixes about cursor, gamepads, savegames, mouse/keyboard support
    • libretro-prosystem: fixed database and color palette
    • libretro-quicknes
    • libretro-snes9x-next: fixed invalid VRAM access, speedhack for SuperFX
    • libretro-snes9x: fixed MSU1 (crackling sound issue), bugfix on chrono trigger, fixed aspect ratio and added 20MHz Super FX Overclock Option
    • libretro-stella
    • libretro-tgbdual
    • libretro-vecx: updated line drawing and added internal resolution multiplier core option
    • libretro-vice: improved screen resizing and handling for PAL/NTSC regions
  • libretro-mame2003 - examples of new supported games :

cute_fighter dj_boy dreamworld vasara2

gaia_the_last_choice_of_zarth gogo_mile_smile rolling_crush regulus

So with this new release, we updated almost all emulators included in Recalbox. The missing ones (advancemame, dolphin, moonlight, mupen64plus, ppsspp) will be updated, later, in a next release.

We hope you’ll enjoy it. We thank the Libretro’s Team, ScummVM’s Team, and all people working on these emulators.

Best regards, Recalbox’s Team.

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