SHARP X68000

Hi dudes,

It is time to welcome a new emulated system on Recalbox : the SHARP X68000 !

So, to emulate this system we are using the libretro px68k core based on the px68k emulator by Hissorii.

For your information, this core needs to add some new bios. Here are the files to add in your Recalbox :

  • 7fd4caabac1d9169e289f0f7bbf71d8e - keropi/iplrom.dat
  • cb0a5cfcf7247a7eab74bb2716260269 - keropi/cgrom.dat

These files must be placed in a subfolder named “keropi”.

If you need more informations about this new core, please read the libretro documentation.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new core and (re)discover the SHARP X68000 games library.

A video review of the 30 best SHARP X68000 games

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