Hi pals,

Today a new emulated system is available on Recalbox : ResidualVM !

It is a sister project of ScummVM, that allows you to play to games using GrimE game engine. Three games are compatibles with this emulator:
Grim Fandango, Escape from Monkey Island and Myst III - Exile.

This new emulator has been added by lmerckx as a second ScummVM core. The switch between ScummVM and ResidualVM is automatic. Indeed, the way to add new games is the same as for ScummVM. The only difference is the file extension to use. Once your game inside the /recalbox/roms/scummvm folder, you have to name your shortcut file as gameShortName.residualvm instead of gameShortName.scummvm (for example grim.residualvm to add Grim Fandango).
Recalbox will automatically select and use the right emulator.

If you need more information about this new emulator, please read the ResidualVM documentation.
You will find the compatibility list there as well.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new emulator and (re)discover the ResidualVM / GrimE games library.

Grim Fandango

grim01 grim02 grim03

Escape from Monkey Island

monkey01 monkey02 monkey03

Myst III - Exile

myst01 myst02 myst03

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