Hello everyone !

After a long test campaign, Amiga emulation is finally integrated into Recalbox !

Here are the details about the functionnality:

  • The emulator used is Amiberry version 2.1.
  • 2 systems are supported for now: Amiga 500/600 (both in the a600 system) and Amiga 1200. Amiga CD32 needs a few evolutions on Amiberry’s side (future version 2.5) and will be integrated later.
  • Supported formats are disks (.adf, automatic loading of multiple disks) and hard drive (WHDL).

You need at least 1 BIOS file depending on the system you want to emulate:

  • Amiga 600 ADF 82a21c1890cae844b3df741f2762d48d kick13.rom
  • Amiga 600 WHDL dc10d7bdd1b6f450773dfb558477c230 kick20.rom
  • Amiga 1200 (both ADF and WHDL) 646773759326fbac3b2311fd8c8793ee kick31.rom

For more information, please consult the related readme.txt in roms folders and the dedicated wiki page.

A thousand thanks to Ironic and Wulfman for their great investment in helping and testing !

Here is a small video to remind you of some of the best games :