Recalbox 18.04.20

Hey everyone!

We’ve been keeping on working on Recalbox lately to bring some new features, with again many changes to EmulationStation. You’ll notice we’ve been working on a better internationalization of Recalbox by updating translations done by many volunteers. If you ever want to help join here for emulationStation or here for the webmanager.

We’ve also spend quite some time on better sound configuration. This involves dynamic volume change but even better: dynamic sound card output! Yeah yeah, you can now switch on-the-fly your audio device! The volume bug on update is still not fixed, but I have good hopes for the next release!

So, here we go with the detailled changelog:

  • ES: Added pop-ups For now we just display the name of the music file being played, but the base is here, this is a feature we will improve and use more and more

  • ES: Added tag in theme to force transition style Some themes (like fuzion) look better with some specific transitions. There is now a tag to force the transition style in the themes.

  • Bump kodi-plugin-video-youtube to 5.4.6 Just to have it updated, the previous one is not available anymore and can cause some compilation error

  • Bump Advancemame to 3.7 and spinner support added A small update to AdvanceMAME, which now has mouse support enabled. That’s a good thing for spinners, and probably for lightguns

  • ES: Fixed audio card change This one, you’ll love it ! That’s the dynamic audio output change from ES. I think x86 users will pretty much enjoy this one ;)

  • fix: default font for ES and RA now in system Remember the yellow squares bug ? That’s to prevent it from coming back as some fonts had their path changed

  • ES: Added dynamic change of volume and audio output in menu Self explanatory, uh ? No need to leave the window to hear the new sound level, it’s dynamic when you move the slider!

  • ES: Added ubuntu_condensed.ttf as fallback font This should help with non latin alphabets. We still need to find a font that can handle Korean though

  • ES: Added clock in main menu Press start to see the time now!

  • ES: Added missing fav icons for Amigas 3DO and X68k Can’t say better I guess…

  • ES: Fixed reload of theme when gamelistonly=0 the theme reload should be a little faster

  • ES: Fixed HelpMessages not translated Well … Looks like an April’s fool, translation still can’t work on that part :/

  • ES: Add “QUIT” help message on main menu The SELECT button had no tip of its role on the system view until now

  • revert PPSSPP version to previous one due to massive demand regarding the 1.5.4 version that was causing major trouble, it’s been rolledback to the previous version

  • more informations in support archives That’s for us, to help you!

  • upgrade: fix upgrading from custom branch to stable We couldn’t easily upgrade test branches without some manual edits. Now we can!

  • recallog now logs even when share is not mounted So much better to know what happens during boot, even if the Recalbox logs are not ready. That’s something we’re gonna improve even more in the next releases

  • fix: wifi always activated on reboot even if disabled in ES Wifi was always started at boot even if it was disabled. Bummer…

  • split share detection and upgrade process That was one boot script doing too much work. The 2 main processes are now split in 2 scripts, that’s easier for us to maintain

  • mame2010: enable hiscores Woot! But ratios are still not yet solved.

  • fix: fmsx could not be selected as a MSX core Now you can!

  • DosBox: resolve lag regression on RPI3 + strange behavior if no dosbox.bat It works again like a charm!

  • SDL2: fix bug on x86 which stucks ScummVM on splash screen Now you can play the games!

  • Odroid XU4: improved HDMI stability, boot.ini options People using the XU4 on a HDMI CEC TV could face various issues. Should be stable now

  • fix: Game&Watch core name not properly displayed Can’t say better!

  • manager: update translations The web manager has some updated translations!

Pretty nice uh ?