Recalbox 18.06.27

Hey everyone!

It’s been some time since our last release … Guess why it took so long for a new version? Because we’ve been working really hard on a very unique feature that has been integrated “the Recalbox way”! Yeah boys! I guess you all know what netplay means, uh? It’s now integrated in ES in an easy-to-use GUI!

Now let’s go in depths of the changelog:

  • Adding introRecalboxEASports.mp4: With the FIFA world up, we thought it would be funny to add a Recalbox version of a famous EA intro ;)

  • ES: Added Netplay option in menus + menus to add roms hashs in gamelists: this concerns basic netplay configuration

  • ES: Added Netplay : GUI for client mode and button to launch as host: this will all be detailled in the wiki + netplay specific blogpost. In short: a nice window to list existing netplay games and easily join them, with some icons showing if you can join or not. And of course, starting a game as server is fairly easy too! Remember one thing the X (SNES layout) button is your one way button for everything regarding netplay! You must remember the limits though: no netplay for handhelds or 3D consoles + some libretro cores may be too demanding (CPU/RAM) to work on Pi (for ex: Snes9x won’t launch on pi3 in netplay mode due to a lack of RAM)

  • ES: Fixed clock not in local time: yeah, was set on GMT, no matter where you live

  • ES: Fixed old themes crash: our bad, sorry, ES was crashing when you were trying to change themes using the old specs

  • ES: Option for popup position: you can decide on which corner of the screen you display it!

  • ES: Help messages in popups: help messages used to be a good old dialog box, they are now a pop-up!

  • ES: Slider for popup duration: you can now decide how long a popup will be displayed

  • ES: Languages names in their own language: self explanatory ;)

  • ES: Refactored gamepad configuration panel: pad configuration has been errr … a little modernized, see the dedicated blogpost

  • ES: Update Emulator / Core selection process to avoid gui inception and to display default values: should be a little easier to read and understand + show the default values

  • ES: Update font size on game metadata gui: self explanatory

  • ES: Remove dead code of RomsManager: removing some unsued code means a smaller memory print

  • ES: Make gamelist sort persistent: The game list sort was lost on reboot, when changing others options… it is now save and persistant

  • ES: Show folder content in detail panel: When selecting a folder in the game list, the previous game data was not refreshed, it now show an exrtact of the games contained in the folder (fully themable)

  • ES: Show single folder game as game in parent list: Folders containing a single game (i.e. PSX, Dreamcast…) are now shown as game, you no longer need to select the folder to see and run the game in it

  • ES: Added an option to list folder content instead of folder name: This options allows to show games contained in complex folders structure in a single game list, hidding all folder

  • ES: Only display available letter in JumpToLetter + Append figures: The “Jump to letter” option now only show available letters and figures

  • ES: Avoid reload of images if source doesn’t changed: Simple display optimisation

  • ES: Update Games lists from GameList menu: The “Update Game list” feature is now available directly in the system

  • ES: Set Menu list in loop mode: Go directly to the bottom of a list by using the top arrow on the first entry, classic, but, what a pitty to no have it till now!

  • ES: Fixed back button in gamelist: Using back in a deep folder used to go back to the root level, it now go to the level - 1

  • ES: Fixed back from game launch: Leaving a game used to go the root level of the game list, it now stay where it was

  • ES: Fixed detailed panel missing when jumping to letter A: Jumping to the first game didn’t refresh the detailed game panel, it’s now fix

  • ES: Fixed set a game favorite for the first time (required two switches before): Depending on the game list, adding a game to favorite sometime used to need to toggle it twice

  • ES: Stay is selected sub-folder when changing sort type / order in gamelist: Sorting a game list used to go back to the root level of the game list, it’s now fixed

  • Bump kodi-plugin-video-youtube to 5.5.1: this plugin evolves way too fast but also doesn’t keep a very long history of versions, so we must bump it

  • added getEmulatorDefaults: just a helper for devs to know what is a system default emulator

  • Added fonts to support all languages: it should now work all fine! Any language from the whole world should display fine now.

  • picodrive: partially rewrite package + re-enable for odroidc2: C2 users will be happy, picodrive is back for them!

  • Add alternative methods to detect sound cards: this has no impact yet, but will help for new boards which don’t declare soundcards as others

  • Boot time optimization: rewrote some sluggish timeout, ES will start loading faster!

  • Wifi: option to change region added to recalbox.conf - with wifi.region=FR fixes channel 12 issue for example: french users know what this means: we are finally not restricted anymore to US wifi channels, meaning we can finally use channels 12 and 13 with the Pi3 internal WiFi!

  • Old deprecated API removed, new API in development: the old API is not maintained for 2 years, can’t even start since Recalbox 4.1, so just drop it

  • more informations in support archives: that’s to help us to give better support

  • sound: try to fix configuration loss on upgrade: this is a nasty bug on PC where upgrading Recalbox would drop the audio configuration. This should happen once for the last time with this upgrade, but shouldn’t happen anymore after.

  • Add message to warn before turning off Recalbox: some people were turning their recalbox way too early, thus resulting on some data corruption. This should tell them at least not turn it their Recalbox off too early

  • Add Daphne system using Hypseus emulator: enjoy laserdisc games!

  • pin356ONOFFRESET: improved behaviour, more compatible with nespi+ case: just set the powerswtich type to pin356ONOFFRESET to enjoy your nespi+ case

  • Add splash screen duration option in recalbox.conf: you can now tell Recalbox how long it should play splash videos : as usual, for a defined time, or until the end of the video (which holds the loading of ES then)

  • Bump mGBA emulator and add it to gb and gbc for Super Game Boy support: mGBA can play GameBoy and GameBoy Color roms in super gameboy format. The super gameboy was a SNES device to play GB roms on your SNES !

  • Add Thomson TO8(D) support with libretro core theodore, thank you zlika: The very first computer I ever started to use in my life and showed me that I’d work in IT once grown-up!

  • linapple: support apple2.configfile=dummy to avoid overwriting configuration: you can tell Recalbox not to generate the linapple configuration files now

  • Add Amstrad CPC core: crocods: this one has no virtual keyboard though, but works pretty fine

  • New version of libretro-o2em now supports save states and rewind: self explanatory!

  • Bump all libretro cores: that’s better for netplay :D

  • Bump Retroarch to 1.7.3 + patch required parts: mandatory! I strongly recommend you read the libretro blog to get all the details. Some people should have noticed that you can use 15kHz monitors on PC now with the right settings ;) We havn’t had time to experiment with it sadly, but we’ll definitely give it a go as soon as possible! Please share your feedback on the forum!

  • configgen: N64 back to fullscreen the real way, without forcing resolution: until now, we had to simulate a window of the size of the screen to prevent some audio bug. Now we’re back to some real fullscreen mode with mupen64plus

  • configgen: the video syntax “auto DMT 4 HDMI” now works for N64: the new auto specific option where you can specify a resolution to be set if your monitor supoprts it (pi only feature) also works for N64 now

That’s a biiiiig changelog, and we’re very proud of our work with Netplay! We hope you’ll enjoy this new release and share your experience! I strongly recommend you also activate retroachivements with netplay, both are compatible!

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