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  • Auto-Scrap !
  • Exclusive retrogaming playlist ! Vote and decide on the features of tomorrow !
  • Get access to the latest releases before anyone else.
  • Benefit from exclusive discounts at our partners

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Recalbox is looking for... their new patrons !

In order to allow the team to devote 100% of their time to accelerate the development of the project, Recalbox is now offering a participatory support campaign, via the PATREON platform. A solution that will allow Recalbox users to simply become... our patrons!

Becoming a "Patron" of Recalbox means supporting and participating in the life of the project, decide the future of Recalbox, take part in key decisions and even determine with the team the the next key features of the new versions. In short, becoming a "Patron" means making Recalbox YOUR project.

Becoming a patron also means enjoying a preview of the fruits of this work through through new avant-garde functionalities with many exclusive advantages. And of course, all the features that the Patrons will have chosen and that they will have discovered discovered as a preview are intended to be accessible to all Recalbox users in subsequent subsequent versions.

A project driven BY its community. FOR its community. A win-win situation!

Patron exclusivity #1 : AUTO SCRAP !

By becoming the owner of Recalbox, you will be able to say goodbye to the endless hours of scraping to get the info, images and video of each of your games, by discovering our first premium feature: AUTO-SCRAP!

With AUTO-SCRAP, add your games, your Recalbox takes care of the rest.

Without any action from you. SO COOL!


Recalbox's patrons will enjoy a preview of a playlist of music including remixes, covers, demakes, ultra-qualitative chiptunes the great video game music of the last 40 years, created by the most popular retro by the most fashionable retro producers of the moment.

Patron exclusivity #3 : VOTE FOR TOMORROW'S RECALBOX!

At Recalbox, we listen to our Patrons! They will be at the heart of our next development strategy, with the opportunity to:

  • Participate in strategic project decisions
  • Vote for future Recalbox features
  • Chat live with Recalbox developers, with a dedicated discord channel, VIP support and even a free hotline, like in the great days of S.O.S. Nintendo!
  • Participate in ApĂ©ros and VIP events, in the presence of the Recalbox team

Patron exclusivity #4 : EXCLUSIVE PROMOTIONS!

At Recalbox, a Boss is pampered.

That's why we have negotiated the best retrogaming plans for them, with discounts on...

  • equipment to make your Recalbox
  • retrogaming / indie / homebrew video games
  • neo-retro video games
  • retrogaming & nostal'geek books
  • vinyls of retro video game music
  • arcade terminals

... and this is only the beginning !


Recalbox is and will remain FREE and OPEN SOURCE FOR ALL. The premium features that the patrons will have voted for and enjoyed in advance are intended to be included for all in future versions of Recalbox.

With Patreon, Recalbox becomes a project driven BY its community. FOR its community.

A win-win situation!