the joy of playing

With the last open source retrogaming console The recalbox

The recalbox allows you to replay a variety of video game consoles and platforms, in your living room, with ease! The recalboxOS is free and open source, and is designed to let you create your recalbox in a short time ! Raspberry Pi !

A retrogaming platform

The recalbox offers a wide selection of consoles and game systems, since the first arcade games, to 32-bit platforms such as the Playstation, through the Nes and the Megadrive.

Media Center

Embedding Kodi, the Recalbox also serves as a Media Center. By connecting it to your home network, you will be able to play videos from any compatible device (internet box, computer).

Supported Systems


The greatest arcade games, from Dungeons and Dragons, to the King of Fighter, through the X-Men, in your living room!


Who does not remember Super Mario Bros, Ninja Turtles, or the first Zelda ...

Super Nintendo

Super Mario World, Street Fighter II Turbo, Zelda A Link To The Past, Sim City, and Final Fantasy, aren't they best memories of our childhood ? :)


If I say Final Fantasy VII, Crash Bandicoot, Tomb Raider ... Do I need to add something?

Game Boy

Play again at the most played handheld system...

Atari 7800

I wanted to be next to the Nes and MasterSystem !

PC Engine (CD)

Aka SuperGraphX, a 16 bit platform with many awesome games !

Sega SG1000

Released the same day as the nes, forgotten since...

Nintendo 64 (experimental)

Experimental emulation of the N64. Mario 64, Zelda 64, all 64...

Sega CD

The first Sega CD console. Try Snatcher...

Game and Watch

They woke you up in the morning !


The first 100% vectorial console !

Virtual Boy

It's all red !

Wonderswan Color

Yet another handheld But with remasterized Final Fantasy games !

Neo Geo / Neo Geo CD

King of Fighters, Garou, Last Blade, Fatal Fury. Thousands of hours of fights !

Arcade Classics

Back even further in time, and find our favorite ghost eater, Pac-Man, and defend the world against the Space Invaders!


The Family Computer Disk System, only released in Japan, was made to connect under the Famicom and loaded its games from floppy disks.

Master System

Stone, Scissors, Leaf, Alex Kidd bosses better watch out!


Go full speed with Sonic, find treasures in LandStalkers, destroy aliens in Alien Soldier!

Game Boy Advance

Too many games that you have not had the opportunity to do on the GBA. This is the time to get started.

Game Boy Color

...and in color !

Atari 2600

One of the first home video game platform !

MSX 1 / 2 / 2+

For players and game creators, the recalbox emulate MSX 1, 2 and 2+ systems

Sega 32x

Yes Virtua Racing looked like that...


Point, Click, Enjoy !


Go back on Phobos to kill the worst creatures coming from Hell !

Game Gear

The portable MasterSystem, with infinite battery.


The only Atari handheld console, and the first color screen LCD handheld !

NeoGeo Pocket Color

The SNK fighting games, in SD !


Only 5 games were released on the 16bits sister of the PCEngine. Play them !

So many open source softwares...... put together in the same OS.

Recalbox is based on the GNU/Linux Operating System. It integrate thousands of open source software, from the tiny utility software to the Frontend EmulationStation and the emulators.

Experience more than 30 emulators from retroarch/libretro, the famous Kodi Media Center, and a custom version of EmulationStation !

With homebrews and hacksDiscover games never released on console

Homebrews are games entirely created by independant developpers. Many are very good surprises, and will make you spend a great time !

Hacks are originals games modified. They keep the whole or part of the graphics and gameplay of a game, and differ on the history, the difficulty, the atmosphere. Some are considered full-fledged suites original games like Super Mario Bros. 4 (hack of Super Mario World) or Legend Of Zelda - Parallels Worlds (hack : A link to the past )


Let's talk about figures

Compatible games






Hours of play