Recalbox 8.0-Electron is available !


Fri Dec 03 2021

Recalbox 8.0-Electron is available !

Nothing can stop Recalbox!

Recalbox, the famous operating system dedicated to retrogaming will release this Friday, December 03, 2021 at 9pm CET in its new version "8.0-Electron"! More than six months of work have been necessary for the team of volunteers to propel emulation and retrogaming into a new era, establishing new standards in terms of fidelity and accessibility. More free and open source than ever, here is a summary of major changes of Recalbox 8.0


RECALBOX RGB DUAL : Recalbox… on your old CRT TVs!

With Recalbox 8.0 coupled with the new Recalbox RGB Dual module, you can now easily play all games and consoles on your CRT TV and recreate the exact sensations of your childhood!

title Recalbox 8.0 now 100% "Pixel Perfect" thanks to Recalbox RGB Dual, with an image STRICTLY IDENTICAL to the original consoles!

Indeed, the main reproach made against all emulation solutions is that they can only be played on modern HD screens. Until today, playing on a CRT screen could only be done at the cost of a lot of configuration or the purchase of expensive and often unavailable hardware.

With Recalbox 8.0…


Official release of Recalbox RGB Dual!

Recalbox RGB Dual is a brand new module (H.A.T. - Hardware Attached on Top) that just clips onto your Raspberry Pi4, Pi400 or Pi3, giving your Recalbox... two new video outputs: SCART and VGA!

Recalbox 8.0 paired with the new Recalbox RGB Dual allows it to produce an analog signal 100% "Pixel Perfect", EXACTLY MATCHING the original consoles of the time, with zero configuration!

IT'S SIMPLE: Recalbox RGB Dual is the fidelity of the original works on a CRT screen, combined with the power, ergonomics, and ease of use that have made Recalbox internationally renowned!

title Recalbox RGB Dual is a module that simply clips onto your Raspberry Pi4, Pi400 or Pi3!

Recalbox RGB Dual - Key points:

100% Plug and Play and integrated with Recalbox Compatible with all systems supported by Recalbox First Raspberry Pi 4 / Pi 400 / Pi 3B/3B+ compatible CRT solution Easy and ergonomic Recalbox interface Respect and fidelity of the original games TV 50hz/60hz compatible 15KHz signals on SCART (31KHz on VGA in W.I.P.) Automatic selection of the original resolution and framerate of the games Audio filter on both channels Automatic selection of the AV channel RGB signal 240p optimized theme Support Recalbox project Cleanest video sync signal Designed by the Recalbox team, for Recalbox.

Click here to know more about Recalbox Rgb Dual

RECALBOX RGB DUAL : Where? When? How ?

The release of Recalbox RGB Dual is an important step in the life of Recalbox, an open-source project composed only of passionate volunteers. That's why we will rely on the KICKSTARTER crowdfunding platform to ensure the launch of Recalbox RGB Dual. A campaign launched at the same time as the release of Recalbox 8.0, for a period of one month.

SATURN on Raspberry Pi 4!

26 years after its release in France, and after exceptional recent advances in emulation, Sega Saturn is coming back to life and finally arrives on Recalbox on Raspberry Pi 4! This is an opportunity to rediscover its incredible catalog of games, often unknown, because the best titles have unfortunately never gone beyond the borders of Japan... The results are particularly impressive. The 2D games run perfectly at 60FPS, as for the 3D games, most of them run between 40/50 FPS. And we don't despair about the increasing performances with future optimizations! (Yabasanshiro's "auto-frameskip" function is well done and allows you to enjoy most of the games without slowdowns).

title The Sega Saturn is now supported by Recalbox on Raspberry Pi 4 and PC !

PlayStation 2 is coming to Recalbox for PC!

21 years after its release in France, the PlayStation 2, Sony's sixth generation console, is now available on Recalbox for PC! Find all the sensations of the best-selling console in the history of video games (more than 150 million copies have been sold!), with -- according to Sony -- more than 10,000 games available on this console... enough to occupy your long winter evenings! We provide the latest version of PCSX2, with CHD support and a compatibility level of over 98% thanks to the hard work of the emulator developers.

98%+ compatibility, thanks to PCSX2!

Recalbox 8.0 compatible with Raspberry Pi Zero 2W !

The brand new ultra-compact board "Raspberry Pi Zero 2W" from the Raspberry Pi foundation is now fully managed by Recalbox! Very cheap (around 15€), this board makes Recalbox even more accessible, either in a GPi Case for a "portable" use, or as a mini home console, with its performances very close to the Raspberry Pi 3. It will be the ideal card for small budgets, or people who don't necessarily want to play 3D games again (if you play in a GPi Case: the PS1 and the N64 work very well!) (WARNING : Switching from Pi Zero to Pi Zero 2 W in a GPi Case requires a reinstallation of Recalbox)

What a boost for Retroflag's GPi Case!

Recalbox 8.0 on Pi-Boy DMG !

If you are in love with the GameBoy, but the GPi-Case (which runs on Raspberry Pi 0 / Pi 02W) is not powerful enough for you, you will fall for the Pi-Boy DMG from Experimental Pi! This "box-screen-loudspeaker-battery-and-much-more" allows you to easily transform a Raspberry Pi 3B, 3B+ or even 4 into a portable retro game console. Simply flash the standard image according to your board and Recalbox configures everything for you! AMAZING!

title With the PiBoy, you have the power of a Pi4 everywhere with you!

New SYSTEMS added!

Many new systems were added to the nearly 120 systems already supported in Recalbox :

  • Sega Saturn : 26 years after its release in France, Sega's Saturn is coming back to life and has finally arrived on Recalbox on Raspberry Pi 4! An opportunity to rediscover its incredible catalog, whose best titles have unfortunately not crossed the borders of Japan...
  • Playstation 2 : Sony's second console, the Playstation 2 is the best-selling game console in history. With more than 10,000 titles released on it, you'll have something to occupy your afternoons! (PC only)
  • TRS80 CoCo (for Color Computer) : Following the first series of TRS-80, from which it does not take the Z80 processor, the TRS80 runs 6809 from Motorola (same CPU as thomson MO5/TO7/...) and has a colour display. More known across the Atlantic than in Europe.
  • Dragon 32/64 : European clone of the TRS80 CoCo. These are the same machine (except for a few details), 99% compatible with each other. The games are on cartridges, K7, and floppy disks (we recommend cartridges, easier to use). The games are rather simplistic, but you can still find the well known titles of this time. In order not to disturb users, both systems have been added to Recalbox 8.0: TRS-80 CoCo and Dragon 32/64.
  • TI-99/4A : The only one computer from Texas Instrument, running a CPU from... Texas instrument. The machine is very old (pre-80), so the games are related. Titles like Frogger and PacMan clones take the lead. These new TI-99/4A, Dragon 32/64 and TRS80 CoCo emulators handle joysticks perfectly. Fully playable with the joystick without any configuration. Thank you Recalbox!
  • BBC Micro : We are proud to offer exclusively on Recalbox, the port of Beebem, a BBC Micro emulator, a very popular machine in England. (The sound part is not yet functional but it's coming soon).
  • LowRes NX : Virtual console that allows you to create your own retro games in classic BASIC very easily! Lots of tools are included if you are a beginner. Advanced users can let their imagination run wild!

With over 120 supported systems, Recalbox is THE solution to preserve the video games of our childhood!

New EMULATORS added! !

Many new emulators were also added to the hundreds of cores already in Recalbox, for more compatibility, precision, and ease!

  • Hatari : Supports all models (ST, STE, MegaST, MegaSTE, TT, Falcon) and support for different bios per model (exclusive to Recalbox). This feature is also carried over to the libretro-Hatari core (but libretro-Hatari does not support MegaST and MegaSTE has only partial support). Also added a multi-model open-source "universal bios". (ST now works out-of-the-box!)
  • Uae4ARM : This is like Amiberry, but with the libretro/Retroarch config for those who prefer. This core can start WHDLs faster than Amiberry. With Amiberry upgraded to version 4.1.5, and the new Uae4ARM core, playing Amiga, CD32 and CDTV games has never been easier, thanks to Recalbox 8.0!
  • Daphné Singe : It's Daphne + support for "American Laser Games", including the famous shooting game "Mc Dog McCree" (require manual configuration for lightguns)
  • GenesixGXPlusWide : The emulator that turns your Megadrive 4/3... into a 16:9 Megadrive (with more or less success depending on the games). Really impressive!
  • Duckstation : New emulator, which allows among other things to have the PSX running perfectly on Odroid Go Advance / Odroid Go Super, even on the most demanding games.

With +120 systems supported, Recalbox is definitely THE solution to preserve the video games of our childhood!

Overlays available upon installation !

Always more plug 'n play, Recalbox 8.0 continues to make your life easier by including dedicated overlays for all systems! As a reminder, overlays are graphic layers that allow you to fill in the black bands on the right and left sides inherent to the launch of 4:3 format video games on 16:9 TVs (and of course, if Recalbox is launched on 4:3 screens, they are automatically disabled) Useless... therefor indispensable ! (easily disabled in 1 click, as always !)


Play Mega Drive BIG !

Thanks to the addition of the Genesis Plus GX Wide core, you will be able to rediscover all your Mega Drive games... in 16:9, without any image distortion! All games are not (yet) compatible, but the emulator does some miracles: it allows it to interpret, load, and display more information on the screen, thus filling a 16:9 screen with a game initially planned for 4:3, without distortion and without changing its aspect... As brilliant as it is breathtaking!

The Megadrive is good. The Megadrive XL is great!

Compatible with the latest Mega Drive HIT !

The event of the summer 2021, the incredible Megadrive action-adventure game with notes of MetroidVania "Demon of Asteborg" is now playable from Recalbox 8.0 ! BETTER THAN THAT : "Demon of Asteborg" is even included in Recalbox 8.0 (demo version) ! Developed with passion by the French studio Neofid Studios, "Demons of Asteborg" is simply the biggest game ever developed on SEGA Mega Drive. It's around 15 Mega bytes, that is... 120 Mega bits. CRAZY ! Go to to buy the full game rom, 100% compatible, add it and play it with Recalbox 8.0 !

Thanks to Recalbox 8.0, discover "Demon of Asteborg", the new Megadrive hit!

Recalbox 8.0 and Argons cases !

When you love your Recalbox, you want the best for it. Serious design, well-thought-out ergonomics, premium materials, and exemplary heat dissipation, the Argon series are the best cases available today. With the native compatibility and manual ventilation adjustment provided by Recalbox 8.0, there's no excuse not to pamper your Raspberry Pi 4!

See you soon on Recalbox !

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