Modder Brothers by Recalbox : 3 days left


Tue May 16 2023

Modder Brothers by Recalbox : 3 days left

The Modder Brothers by Recalbox crowdfunding project is coming to an end. The minimum goal of 6000€ to help us has been reached, but it's not over yet, any additional help will allow us to do even better. You still have 3 days to participate in this campaign.

What is Modder Brothers?

ModderBrothers by Recalbox is a range of accessories for repairing and modding (modifying) your retro computers and consoles. ModderBrothers by Recalbox aims to offer you a maximum of existing mods (available in open source/open hardware of course) but also original and innovative ones, created and assembled by enthusiasts, uncompromising on quality!

All the original mods created will have their plans, schematics and sources made public and free, to facilitate their accessibility, under an OpenHardware license.


By supporting us through this fundraising campaign, you will give us the possibility to create these first models, but also to consider developing many new innovative products, such as new composite and RGB mods, Action Replay type cartridges for ZX-Spectrum and C64/C128, flashcards for several consoles, memory extensions or even memory replacement cards to repair and give life back to your old computers... The list of projects is already long!

What if I'm not interested, but I want to support the project?

We have thought of you for that too. We have added to our campaign the possibility to receive a set of 4 "Versus" coasters (reversible) made in PCB for 20€ (+ shipping costs).

Glass Coasters

What's next?

This funding is just the beginning, we plan to open a permanent shop to make these mods available at attractive prices, and others that we are already developing.


We already have more than a dozen new mods in R&D, and we're exploring new possibilities every day. We'd need 72-hour days to show you everything!

At the end of the campaign and once all the rewards have been sent in, the shop will open its doors with a maximum of stock and different mods.

How to participate

You can find more details and participate in the funding on the project Kickstarter page.

For non-English speakers, we have also put on our official website a French translation of the Kickstarter page.

Modder Brothers
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