Recalbox RGB Jamma & Recalbox 9.1


Sat Jun 17 2023

Recalbox RGB Jamma & Recalbox 9.1

Lots of new features

Recalbox, the free, open source emulation solution, is back with the release of its latest version, Recalbox 9.1, this Sunday June 18. This version brings a host of major new features, which should delight fans of retro video games! The new version 9.1 of Recalbox is available this Sunday: discover the latest additions to the emulation platform preferred by retrogaming fans! But that's not the only new feature. After more than six months of work by the Recalbox team, we're going to bring emulation and retrogaming into the era of the ARCADE on JAMMA cabinet, setting new standards in terms of fidelity, precision, reactivity and accessibility.

RECALBOX RGB JAMMA: Recalbox in your JAMMA arcade cabinet!

With Recalbox 9.1, coupled with the new Recalbox RGB JAMMA module, you can now easily enjoy all the power and user-friendliness of Recalbox, directly on a JAMMA-compatible vintage arcade cabinet! With Recalbox RGB JAMMA, rediscover the sensations of the arcade, pixel-perfect, without any configuration on your part! Just plug in and play. It's that simple!

Discover Recalbox RGB JAMMA on KissKissBankBank !

Indeed, the main criticisms levelled at all JAMMA + Raspberry Pi solutions are their complexity, lack of fidelity, limited compatibility, prohibitive price and limited availability...

Recalbox RGB JAMMA

With Recalbox RGB JAMMA... ...IT'S HISTORY! ⤵⤵⤵

Recalbox RGB JAMMA, what is it?

Recalbox RGB JAMMA is the new module (H.A.T. - Hardware Attached on Top) that simply clips onto your Raspberry Pi4, Pi400 or Pi3, giving your Recalbox... the ability to connect to any JAMMA-standard arcade terminal!

What is JAMMA?

JAMMA is a connector that appeared in the 1980s, standardizing the connection of the various signals in arcade terminals. Changing the game without changing the whole arcade has become both child's play and a real revolution!


Recalbox RGB JAMMA - Highlights :

  • Plug and Play ZERO CONFIG: you plug it, you play!
  • 15kHz pixel + frequency perfect: display rigorously identical to the original
  • < 0.5ms input lag: the lowest input lag ever recorded!
  • 3/6-button mode: original or modified JAMMA compatible
  • KickHarness CPS1: the most widely used kick harness
  • Mono 15 Watts amp: send mono sound to the jamma...
  • MONO/STEREO switch: ... or stereo on an external amp!
  • JACK output
  • Raspberry Pi 4/400/3 compatible
  • TATE vertical mode support
  • 40mm fan slot
  • Hotkey Patterns (= multiple functions on one button, such as quit, credit, menu...)
  • Voltage Barrier: 5v/12v compatible for coin/service/test buttons
  • Resin case (optional)
  • OLED display for video signal frequency/resolution (optional)
  • Automatic launch of the game of your choice at start-up for a dedicated terminal!


Technology approved by almost 5,000 retrogamers!

Recalbox RGB JAMMA inherits the same technology as Recalbox RGB DUAL, used today by almost 5,000 users worldwide, and unanimously acclaimed.

Recalbox RGB JAMMA prototype in an Astro City

With Recalbox RGB JAMMA, you're assured of unrivalled picture and sound quality, and that every game is launched with its own display mode and era. All games, all platforms, no configuration required.

Recalbox RGB JAMMA

RECALBOX RGB JAMMA: Where? When? When? How?

As with the Recalbox RGB Dual and the Modder Brothers project, we're relying on the KissKissBankBank crowdfunding platform for the launch of Recalbox RGB JAMMA. A campaign launched at the same time as the release of Recalbox 9.1, for a period of one month.


Campaign objectives :

Finance design and production at a competitive price Send the first components by the start of the 2023 school year Support the Recalbox project ... Save the last JAMMA arcade machines of our childhood!

Recalbox 9.1

Of course, Recalbox 9.1 isn't just for those with arcade machines - it's got something for everyone!

New supported hardware

On the hardware front, Recalbox 9.1 is now compatible with Anbernic's new RG353M, RG353P and RG353V portable consoles. These high-quality handheld consoles offer the same emulation capabilities as a Raspberry Pi 4. Their HDMI output makes them the ideal (trans)portable Recalbox solution!


Recalbox 9.1 now also supports the new "PiBoy XRS" Raspberry Pi 4 box, the "horizontal" version of Experimental Pi's PiBoy. With its large battery and HDMI output, you can enjoy the performance of your Pi4, wherever you are!


Tate mode

A major new feature of Recalbox 9.1: vertical TATE mode management on HDMI and CRT screens (via Recalbox RGB DUAL/JAMMA) IN ONE CLICK! The fruit of a great deal of development work, Recalbox automatically detects your "vertical" games, and suggests whether you'd like to run them "normally" or in full-screen vertical mode if you've rotated your screen. You can also set the entire Recalbox system to vertical mode... with just one click!

Tate mode

Even better: with Recalbox 9.1, you can easily switch to TATE mode with automatic button rotation on Odroid and Anbernic handheld consoles!

Tate Anbernic

Downloading games directly from the interface

Recalbox 9.1 brings an eagerly-awaited new feature: a download manager! Among the first contents available: a game downloader for free games from the WASM4, Vectrex, UzeBox and TIC80 systems. But that's just the beginning...


Quick Savestates selection at launch

Recalbox users have been eagerly awaiting this feature: the ability to launch a game directly from the savestate! Practical, fast and very ergonomic, with its little miniature created at the time of saving, this option makes it very easy to pick up your game exactly where you left off, without the risk of making a mistake!


New systems

As a strong supporter of the indie / homebrew scene, Recalbox 9.1 also features 2 new systems closely linked to the indie / DIY scene: the Arduboy and Wasm-4! WASM-4 is a virtual game console that lets you create small games using WebAssembly, while the Arduboy is an Arduino-based portable game console powered by open source software.


And much more...

Recalbox's many improvements include more ergonomic management of the Super Game Boy. Compatible GameBoy games (often identified as "SGB Enhanced" in their filenames) featured an interface and display optimized for color play!


To take "retro" immersion even further, Recalbox now offers a "CRT-Curved" display option, which, as the name suggests, offers a resolutely retro "curved CRT screen" image rendering, directly on your HDMI output... truly stunning!

With over sixty new features, enhancements and deep optimizations, the release of Recalbox 9.1 is great news for all retrogaming fans, who will now be able to enjoy an even more complete and enjoyable gaming experience, with improved functionality and extended compatibility. And thanks to the legendary simplicity and accessibility of Raspberry Pi nanocomputers, Recalbox is now easier and more affordable than ever.

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