Release Notes for Recalbox


Release Notes for Recalbox

Recalbox 9.1-Pulstar


  • Add support for Anbernic rg353m, rg353p, rg353v
  • Add support for PiBoy XRS


  • Add TATE mode support for HDMI, CRT and handhelds
  • Add Game Downloader for free games of WASM4, Vectrex, UzeBox & TIC80 systems
  • Add start a game from savestate menu
  • Add new system Arduboy (libretro arduous)
  • Add new system Wasm4 (libretro wasm4)
  • Add support for Super Game Boy games
  • Add CRT Curved shaders support
  • Add new core for Philips CDI (libretro samecdi, for PC only)
  • Add direct accesses to most usefull recalbox folder in samba (\\RECALBOX\...)
  • Add 240p test suite support for all platforms
  • Add libretro-mojozork as Z-Machine core
  • Add libretro-supafaust core for Snes
  • Add support for break key for pad2keyboard


  • Bump FBneo to aad581
  • Bump Hypseus-Singe to v2.10.4
  • Bump Netflix and Youtube plugins in Kodi


  • Add wizard to disable smooth game when enabling shaders
  • Add recommended info for scrap video selection in menu
  • Improved upgrade method, faster to upgrade and no need to have free space in share anymore


  • Fix crash when using run in background after the end of a scrap
  • New image for RPIZero (first one) and GPiCase2W
  • Add missing netplay support for sameboy and mgba
  • Fix naomi and atomiswave resolution in 240p for CRT
  • Fix Mortal Kombat resolution on CRT
  • Add missing joystick support on GPi Cases