Recalbox RGB JAMMA


Recalbox RGB JAMMA

Recalbox in your JAMMA arcade machine!

It's back in stock!

Recalbox RGB is now available from the Official Store! You can order it in two versions: \n- the complete kit, with case, screen and fan\n- the board alone.

All images for Recalbox

Until Recalbox 9.2 is released, you'll need to download images specific to Recalbox RGB JAMMA from the following links.Once Recalbox 9.2 is publicly available, you'll be offered an automatic update to it.

Raspberry Pi 5
Recalbox 9.2.2-pulsar - Raspberry Pi 5
64 bits
Raspberry Pi 4 / 400 (64 bits)
Raspberry Pi 3


Full documentation for Recalbox RGB JAMMA can be found on the project wiki.