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THE all-in-one

retro gaming console!

Replay all the consoles, arcades, and computers of your childhood.

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We'll help you create your Recalbox with just 4 steps.

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I've already got hardware!

Download and install the latest version of Recalbox on your hardware!

100+ compatible systems

Choose from 100+ consoles, handhelds, and computers. Find games from thousands of arcade cabinets!

Which console will you play again?


It's never been so simple

Simple and accessible, we do our best to offer the best retro gaming experience ever!

Our system is designed to be as easy as possible to use , even for beginners. And moreover, we'll help you from purchasing supplies until you're playing your first game on Recalbox. Are you ready to play?

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The retro console with a twist

Instant save, rewind, scraping, overlays, shaders, a virtual keyboard, multi-system search... It'd take too long to list everything that makes Recalbox the ultimate retrogaming solution. Discover it yourself by trying Recalbox!