Frequently asked questions about Recalbox

Q.What is Recalbox?

Recalbox is the ultimate retrogaming console that allows you to replay all the games, consoles, and computers from your childhood!

With Recalbox, (re)discover and (re)play the titles that left their mark on the history of video games with ease!

Q.How does it work?

Recalbox can be easily installed on very cheap nano-computers like the Raspberry Pi 4, or on any computer (modern or old).

Q.Is it complicated?

Absolutely not! Recalbox is probably the platform and community that cares the most about offering an ultra-simplified solution, accessible even to the biggest beginners. Don't know where to start? Follow the guide, we'll help you through easy 4 steps.

Q.Do you have a ready to play retrogaming console?

At Kubii.com, the largest European Raspberry Pi specialist, we offer ready to assemble Recalbox kits!

Q.What can I install Recalbox on?

For the best gaming experience, we recommend using Recalbox on a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB. But you can also use Recalbox on a

  • Raspberry Pi 400
  • Raspberry Pi Zero 2
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • Raspberry Pi 1 (B/B+)
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Raspberry Pi 3 (B/B+)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 (any version)
  • Odroid XU4
  • PC (64bits)
  • Odroid Go Advance
  • Odroid Go Super

Q.How many games are included?

The Recalbox team is proud to support independent game developers, by including nearly 150 totally unreleased games, often in total exclusivity and for some never released before!

We try to add as many free games as possible to Recalbox every day so you can have fun from the first launch!

Recalbox does not contain any copyrighted content.

Go to this forum post to submit your homebrews/creations!

Q.What are supported games and consoles?

Recalbox is an incredible platform dedicated to saving, preserving and transmitting the video game heritage of your childhood.

To date, Recalbox has brought back to life more than a hundred consoles, handhelds, computer games and arcade systems, from the most famous to the most exotic.

You will be able to (re)discover and share their tens of thousands of games, some of which have disappeared, in order to save them from oblivion!

Q.Recalbox supports more than 100 systems, but I can see only some of them in the inteface, is it normal?

Yes, to simplify its use, Recalbox only displays consoles that have games (roms) in their folder.

You just have to add games for the console to appear in the general menu!

Tip: conversely, you can empty a console's folder to hide it if you're not interested. Useful!

Q.Where can I see the progress of the development of the Recalbox?

The easiest way? Checking the blog or by following us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

For those who want to help us with the project, you'll find lots of info on the Recalbox gitlab.

Q.How can I participate in the project?

Q.Can I use Recalbox in an acarde cab / bartop?

Absolutely! There are even dedicated options that allow you to change the accessible menus, or even disable them completely.

Q.What type of monitor can I connect Recalbox to?

Recalbox is optimized to work natively with all modern HDTVs and computer monitors. You can even connect old DVI or VGA displays with a dedicated adapter!