Recalbox on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 !


Sun Nov 07 2021

Recalbox on Raspberry Pi Zero 2 !

Nice surprise, during this shortage period, the Raspberry Pi Foundation released the Raspberry Pi Zero 2.

Small but strong, it keeps exactly the same dimensions as its big brother the Raspberry Pi Zero.

It is therefore compatible with all your consoles or installations on which you use version 1 of the Raspberry Pi Zero!

In terms of performance, it greatly surpasses its big brother! The performance is comparable to that of the RPi3, which is impressive for a board at this price!

It will be a hit in our GPi Case or directly on our TVs, as shown by these various feedbacks on social networks:



And you know what? Recalbox is already compatible !

Go and download the latest version on the download page !


Q. Who is it for? What for?
A. Those with a small budget or those who want to ugrade their GPI case

Q. Is it compatible with the GPI Case?
A. Yes it is.

Q. Can I reuse my RPi zero SD with the RPi zero 2 in the GPI case?
A. No. You will have to install the lastest public beta or Recalbox next version.

Q. What kind of emulation can we expect?
A. On TV: Up to the PSX with no problem. For N64/DC it depends on the game. In GPI: Up to the PSX and the N64 with no problem. Ok on DC for most games.

Q. In terms of Arcade emulation?
A. FBNeo and MAME2003+ run fine. No need to get stuck on FBA any longer.

Q. Do problematic émulators run better on the RPi zero 2?
A. Sure, PSX, GBA, SNES and Arcade emulators run all fine.

Q. What about the heating in the GPI Case's cartridge?
A. After several hours playing Dreamcast games, the T° never went beyond 62°C, which is safe for plastics of either GPI Cases or regular RPi zero 2 cases.

Q. What about autonomy?
A. The Pi zero 2 will necessarily consume more power than the Pi zero, however we did our best to optimize power consumption according to the running emulator.

Q. Is there a standby mode like on the Odroid GO2?
A. No, this is not possible due to RPi and GPI limitations.

Q. WIFI and bluetooth are available?
A. Yes, both WIFI and Bluetooth are available.

Q. Given the size, are there any USB port available?
A. Yes, only one micro-USB is available. To extend it, use a powered hub with a micro-USB/USB adapter.

Q. Can we overclock the RPi zero 2?
A. People already do it. But we do not recommend it as the power consumption will rise quickly. In the GPI Case, this could lead to instabilities in addition to draining the batteries very quickly.

Q. Does the 512MB limit emulation?
A. No, except for the PSP which is not available on the RPi zero 2. However, it is not advisable to fill your SD with fuillsets and/or to activate all available systems.