DIY - Step 3: The hardware for Recalbox


So let's go for the Recalbox on TV!

Step 3: Hardware

Get the pack!

The easiest way to build your Recalbox is to order a pack from our partner

Or do it yourself.

You will need the following hardware:

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero 2
  • A Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero 2 case
  • A 16GB or + micro SD card
  • A micro HDMI cable
  • A USB / Bluetooth controller
  • An official Raspberry Pi 4 or Zero 2 power supply
  • Optional: a USB key to store games easily
  • Optional: a USB-C switch for your power supply

Are you missing something? All the elements are available at our partner

All you have to do is assemble your Recalbox!


Step 4: Installation