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Recalbox RGB Dual Roadmap

  • 07-01-2022

    Kickstarter campaign ends

    End of the Kickstarter campaign with 1494 contributors!

  • 21-01-2022

    New features added

    New features such as wake-up button and fan control have been added!

  • 25-01-2022

    Box and bubble wrap in stock

    We've got everything to wrap your Recalbox RGB Dual!

  • 28-01-2022

    More parts are in!

    GPIO extenders, headers, and more!

  • 31-01-2022

    New Power Up

    Because of component shortages, we had to completely rebuild the Power Up module.

  • 15-02-2022

    Recalbox RGB Dual manuals are in production!

    The manual design is finished, and our supplier is producing 1500 items.

  • 24-02-2022

    We received the congratulations flyers!

    We wanted to thank you as soon as you open the box!

  • 25-02-2022

    We have the PLA filament!

    We've started printing cases for your Recalbox RGB Duals!

  • 25-02-2022

    The first 600 PCB are in stock!

    We received the first 600 PCB and we're soldering!

  • 02-02-2022

    The first 50 Recalbox RGB Duals are ready to go!

    We have received all the pieces that allow us -- finally -- to pack and close the boxes of the first Recalbox RGB Dual ordered! The first shipments are scheduled for Friday (when the addresses will no longer be editable on Kickstarter)!

  • 07-03-2022

    First packages are shipped!

    We will make a continuous shipping during March.

  • 20-03-2022

    The second batch of 600 PCBs should be in stock.

    This batch will be shipped throughout March/April.

  • 15-04-2022

    The third and final batch of PCB should be in stock

    This batch will be shipped throughout April/May.

  • 15-05-2022

    Retail stock

    We've shipped all Recalbox RGB Duals from Kickstarter. We're planning to distribute from different retailers.